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A-COM Home Security Solutions

Your home is more than a roof over your head. It represents stability, life safety and security. The professionals at A-com understand the desire to protect your home and your loved ones. Our security systems help to give you peace of mind by protecting the things that matter most. We are proud to be one of the very few alarm companies that can handle all aspects of your home security system. From design and set up to service and monitoring, A-com is there every step of the way.

The FBI Reports a Burglary Occurs Every 14 Seconds* 

Now in our fourth decade of family ownership, A-com provides security solutions to over 20,000 customers. We offer the latest technology from entry level security plans to complete perimeter protection to ensure a security solution for every budget. Our professional sales and technical staff will provide you with either a hardwired or wireless security system customized to your home and lifestyle.

According to Police Study, Monitored Alarm Systems Can Reduce the Chance of a Burglary by up to 400%.

Our top priority is to provide you with experienced, prompt, and courteous service. You can take comfort in knowing that our UL Listed Monitoring Facility is on the job 24hrs a day. If you experience an alarm activation, the licensed professionals in our central station are here to immediately alert the proper authorities as needed.

Save up to 25% Off Your Homeowners Insurance with a Monitored Security System.

Home Security Solutions

Feel Secure About Your Security


aCommand truly puts you in control. This latest technology system provides security, home automation, event notification, energy management, video surveillance, mobile access and more.

Custom Alarms

When your home requires more than a package system, trust the experts at A-com to provide you with the most complete custom alarm plan based on your specific needs.

Wireless Monitoring

We use the latest technology in our security systems to maximize your life safety. Where yesterday’s means of communication have been replaced by wireless networks. Internet phone lines (VOIP), such as those provided by your Cable Company, and cell phones will eventually be the standard.

Fire Protection

A-com sets up complete fire protection packages with fire and heat detection sensors throughout your home. Much like a monitored security system, the monitored fire protection devices are watching over your home when you aren’t. 

Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance helps you keep an eye on the things you treasure most, even while at work or on vacation. Our state-of-the-art home video surveillance services will give you added peace of mind.