A-COM Home Alarms
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Responding to COVID-19

Our Commitment to You

As we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19, we are taking all possible precautions to protect our customers and employees, while continuing to secure your businesses and homes. We are also offering solutions to assist you with your safety and health during this difficult time.


Set up Remote Access for your Employees

You need to be able to run your business, even if that means everyone must work from home in the process. We provide secure access to all your computers for your employees.  In most cases, this access is everything needed for an employee to work from home. We can help to ensure your workforce is as mobile as possible with Acom's encrypted ScreenConnect service.
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Add Medical Alerts to Your Home Security System

Many of our security systems already support the addition of a medical alert pendant or button. In the event of a medical emergency where you may not be able to dial 911 such as a heart attack, respiratory distress, or a fall, pressing your medical alert button instantly notifies our Central Station to dispatch paramedics to your location.
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Install Cameras to Keep Watch over Your Business

At a time when many businesses are sitting vacant, being able to see what’s happening and having live video verification of emergencies is more important than ever. Our video solutions backup to cloud, integrate with your security system, and allow our Central Station to dispatch emergency services prioritizing your business.
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How We Are Prioritizing Safety

In the event your home or business needs an on-site visit from field technicians, they will be following strict procedures to help keep you and our employees safe. 
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We thank you for your business and your partnership as we work through this unprecedented time together.