Securing Healthcare Providers

With Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other rapidly developing technologies, hospitals and healthcare facilities can be truly intelligent, able to sense the needs of the users and respond accordingly.

Solutions That Work For You

There is tremendous potential but also significant hurdles to achieving truly secure and smart healthcare facilities. Both time and money are limited, and healthcare leaders need to meet many other performance indicators such as:

  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Higher productivity and lower operational costs
  • Increased staff and patient satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance including data protection

A Solution for Every Provider

Security is made simple when your provider understands the unique challenges complex healthcare facilities face. Our custom solutions are designed for:

  • Hospitals and healthcare systems

  • Office based labs

  • Private specialty practices

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers

  • General Practitioners

Total Network and IT Support

Our Network & IT solutions designed to make it easy for clinics and healthcare organizations to use technology:

  • Comprehensive IT Security: Ensuring your patients’ PHI is kept safe and confidential.

  • Backups & Data Recovery: Automated backups of not only your records and other files, but also your applications, operating system(s), and other systems.

  • Paperless Record Keeping: Digitization of your records and cloud-based storage for your data will help eliminate all the paper taking up space in your office.

  • HIPAA & HITECH Audits: Analysis of your business operations and IT systems to ensure that you’re compliant.

  • Strategy & Planning: We serve as your Virtual CIO, helping you make strategic decisions on your IT investments.

Interested in learning more about case studies relating to your practice or need?

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Acom has provided my family with security in a professional and courteous manner since 1988. I have had few calls for service or assistance during this span, but when I've needed help they've always exceeded expectations with expert service, easily understood phone assistance, the latest technology and equipment, and patient IT guidance. When my friends ask what security service I recommend, I always tell them to call Acom.

Ang S.