Know immediately

Our bank-grade hardware and encryption give you the peace of mind that your property, customers, employees, inventory, and investment is totally secure. Protecting your business is of the highest priority. Instantly identifying potential physical threats will contribute to safeguarding your assets, quickly alerting the right authorities, and acting as a deterrent from an incident even occurring.

With more to offer

Acom offers a wide range of security products, which will help you do just that. From detectors and sensors to signaling systems coupled with cutting-edge innovation, we provide a totally integrated solution. In addition to professional installation and best-in-class monitoring, we test your alarm signal daily, and report any equipment failures so your system is always working.

  • Advanced intrusion system

  • Multi-site management under one account and app

  • Duress code

  • Area arming

  • Critical condition monitoring

  • Silent holdup alarm

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Video alarm verification

  • Photoelectric beams

  • Cellular backup

  • Online account management and reporting

  • Remote arming/disarming and mobile notifications

  • Mobile virtual keypad

Need Residential Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered.

The help desk has always been able to resolve my many issues in a timely manner and never make me feel lacking in IT knowledge. The security team and Hollie has helped tremendously with me understanding the security system and has offered training once I'm a little more established. Thanks for making my many hats I wear possible.

Patsy at Paws of Columbus