Innovative Voice Solutions

Acom offers a variety of services designed to remove the burden of managing telecommunications and internet systems from an organizations management teams.

  • Telecommunications Systems
    Acom not only delivers data connectivity via circuits and telephone line ownership, but also provides network maintenance and support for critical telecommunications systems.Plus, as a single-source technology provider, Acom enables businesses to streamline vendor management by utilizing Acom and our Partners in addition to our other Managed Services solutions.
  • Commercial Telecommunications
    In addition to serving managed IT customers across the United States, Acom offers telecommunication services to commercial customers throughout the United States as well.
  • Managed Internet Service (ISP) Provider
    Reduce infrastructure costs, strengthen cybersecurity and increase efficiency with our secure internet solutions. Limit the financial and personnel overhead of managing your own internet platform.Plus, our secure internet solution for business provides enterprise-level security, including network-based malware protection, DDoS protection, cloud firewall service and intrusion prevention systems.

We provide innovative communication solutions to meet the needs of any business, large or small, including:

  • Managed phone and data with expense management offering a variety of dial tone and connectivity options that can help reduce your voice and data bill.

  • Mobile Phone, Tablet and Email Integration for increased productivity.

  • Single Platform with Seamless Connectivity for multi-site and remote locations.

  • Backup and Archiving of system databases and configurations.

  • Digital,  VOIP and Hosted Telephone Systems for any size and industry.

  • Call Center Recording, Call Analytics, and Quality Assurance solutions.

  • For over 30 years we have set a standard that distinguishes us from our competition by being available 24/7 with technical support and maintaining parts on hand to fix emergency service issues.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our solutions can help your business reduce cost and increase productivity.

Need Residential Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered.

The help desk has always been able to resolve my many issues in a timely manner and never make me feel lacking in IT knowledge. The security team and Hollie has helped tremendously with me understanding the security system and has offered training once I'm a little more established. Thanks for making my many hats I wear possible.

Patsy at Paws of Columbus