Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Care:

What areas do you service?

The majority of our customers are within a 60-mile radius of our location areas, but we are happy to travel beyond that at your request. View more information about all of our locations.

How do I get an alarm certificate for my homeowner's insurance?

Insurance certificates can be requested here. Just fill out the information in the form. Be sure to include in your message that you are requesting an insurance certificate and an email address where we can send it to.

Where can I request more yard signs and window decals?

Yard signs and decals can be requested here. Just fill out the information in the form and let us know you would like some new ones. We will schedule a technician to drop them off the next time they are in the area for your convenience, or you can stop by your local office and they will be happy to provide them.

Does Acom have a referral program?

Absolutely! Refer a friend or family member to Acom and you will receive a $50 referral check once they become an active Acom customer. Refer a friend here, just fill out the form and let us know who we can help keep safe and secure!

What happens if I cancel my landline or I don't have a landline phone?

The lack of a landline is no problem. Acom offers wireless systems that can keep your home or business monitored 24/7. It is also the safest monitoring solution that eliminates the possibility of having your lines cut. Most systems also offer enhanced services such as interactive and automation control.

How do I schedule a service call?

Call your local office Customer Care at (800) 323-2233 or submit a contact us form and we will call you to schedule your appointment.

When should I call Customer Care?

If you have any questions regarding operating your alarm system, if you would like to make a change to your account information, or get service for your alarm system. Contact us anytime at (800) 323-2233 or submit a contact us form.


What products and services do Acom offer?

Acom offers a wide range of products and service for all your home and business needs, including burglary, fire, access control, surveillance cameras, monitoring, multi-line phone systems, IT networking and support. Depending on your location the exact manufacturer and product may vary to ensure you get the customized system you desire.

Do I really need a security system?

Over 5,000 homes are broken into every day in the U.S. That’s a pretty good reason to have a security system. Burglars have admitted say they avoid homes with known alarm systems. Having a home security system will let you and your loved ones rest easy. And that is something you can’t take for granted.

Do I really need a home video surveillance system?

Home surveillance is so much more that just catching the bad guy breaking in. You can now view live clips of who is at the front door, or even chat with you kids when they return home from school. Being able to view you home from anywhere can give you great piece of mind. Click here to learn more on all the video surveillance options available.

Does my business really need video surveillance system?

It’s a fact that businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than houses. Small businesses are the most frequent targets. A video surveillance system can help keep your employees, facilities, and inventory safe. Click here to learn more on all the video surveillance options available.

How can I help prevent employee theft?

A good start is to install surveillance cameras and other security devices that monitor your merchandise and inventory. An access-control system can also be effective in restricting access to certain areas of your property. Click here to learn more on all the business options available.

Let us show you how Acom can keep you safe and secure. Click here to get a free, custom quote.

Why can't I buy an Acom system online or by phone?

Home and Business security and advance technologies should never be “one size fits all.” That’s why we insist on sending one of our experienced experts to your home before we install. With a comprehensive on-site review, you’ll get a system that is perfectly tailored to you and your property.


Can I arm and disarm my security system remotely?

With our newer systems, you can take control with our free app. Not only can you control your alarm system from your laptop or smartphone, you can also control your house lights, door locks, even your thermostat. Click here to learn more on all the great things you can do with A-Com.

Let us show you how Acom can keep you safe and secure. Click here to get a free, custom quote.

How can I test my alarm system?

Testing your alarm system is easy. Just call our monitoring center at (800) 323-2233. They can place your account in “test mode,” and then you can either send a manual signal or test a specific device. This gets you immediate results, and quick service for any adjustments or optimization needed to the system.

When I get a notification that my alarm was triggered, how do I know if it is a real emergency or a false alarm?

Once receiving a notification that your alarm was triggered, you need to contact your local police station to determine whether it was a false alarm or not.

Is my device compatible with Zwave devices?

Many of our systems are compatible to Zwave.
To verify, just contact customer care here or call (800) 323-2233.

My keypad says FC, what do I do?

If an “FC” or “Failure to Communicate” signal appears your system needs to be reset. Call your local office to schedule service or submit a request here.

My system says low battery, what do I do?

If your system displays low battery please call your local office or submit a request here. They can give you instruction on how to change the battery yourself or they can schedule a service technician to complete it for you. Batteries can often be purchased at your local office, Battery Source or Tractor Supply store.

If my alarm system is not armed are my fire and carbon monoxide detectors still monitored?

Absolutely, the monitoring center will receive fire and carbon monoxide alarms even if your alarm keypad is not armed. These are monitored 24/7.

How do I control my system when I’m away from home?

It depends on your system and the types of services you are signed up for. aCommand systems allow you to control your system from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Anytime you will be away from your home or business for a few days please contact the monitoring center at (800) 323-2233 and let them know what dates you will be away. You can assign keycodes and false alarm ID/passcodes/passwords for neighbors or family checking on your home. Before you go out of town make sure your contact list is updated. If any other problems arise when you are gone, please call the Monitoring Center.

Is the system easy to use for the kids or elderly?

Yes, the alarm can be used by a key fob with the press of a button, by cellular phone by using an interactive app, or by the keypad. It’s pretty simple process of which you mostly just click a button or two.


I just paid for a new system. Why should I buy the extended warranty?

The price you paid covers the cost of the design, the equipment, installation and training on your new system the initial warranty.  While we sell only the best, dependable equipment, the extended warranty allows you to control your cost in the event of a technical service need beyond the expiration of any warranty.

Why were we charged the full rate for our service call when the technician was here for less than an hour?

The bulk of our cost is incurred getting a technician to your site: Vehicle and fuel, dispatch personnel, and computer software and hardware are some examples of these costs.

What other advantages are there to having a service agreement?

We will not charge a trip charge for billable work such as adds, moves or changes if you have a services agreement.

How do I update my credit card information or billing address?

Call our Customer Care department at (800) 323-2233 to update your credit card and billing information. Once updated you can log in to your account to make payment online anytime.

Does Acom charge for phone payments?

No, Acom is happy to accept phone payments free of charge. Call our Customer Care department at (800) 323-2233 or you can log in to your account to make payment online anytime.

Should I call when we have a service need rather than accepting a service agreement?

To ensure all of our customers receive the best possible service, we have developed a service agreement Partner Program. Because our systems are so vital to all business operations, it is imperative that we maintain a full staff of skilled manpower and a well-stocked inventory in order to fulfill any emergency service issues that arise. In short, the service agreement serves as an insurance policy to make sure we are able to provide you with all the necessary resources when you need us.

Why did I get charged for a false alarm dispatch?

Some cities do charge a fee for sending dispatch for a false alarm. If you feel there has been a mistake, you can contact our customer support team and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

Where can I send my payment?

You can send your payment online at My Account. You can also mail the payment to PO Box 700 Fortson GA 31808, or call in at (800) 323-2233 to pay over the phone.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can send your payment online at My Account. We accept checks, auto draft, Visa, and Mastercard.

What is your cancellations policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your Acom system or our service, please give us a call to try and make it right. If you are deciding on leaving, you have 3 days after the installation to cancel your service agreement and a 30-day notice requirement for existing customers.


Are your call centers accredited?

Yes! Our company owned call center is one of only 7% of central stations nationwide to achieve Five Diamond Certification, the highest accreditation awarded by The Monitoring Association (TMA). It has maintained its Five Diamond status for over 10 years through continued rigorous training. Their redundancy is audited yearly by an on-site UL engineer, making them among one of only 25% of central stations who take their reliability serious enough to maintain their UL certification.

What is your response time once the alarm goes off?

Because your security is of utmost importance to us, our call center maintains one of the quickest response times in the nation, consistently averaging less than 14 seconds! The moment your alarm signal is received by the station, an operator takes action on your alarm in a fraction of a minute.

Who should I include on my contact list?

Keyholders! People who have access to the alarm premise should authorities need to gain entry to the building. It is important that you keep your contact list updated. You may email contact changes here, but please be aware that if the email address used is not listed on your account, your passcode will need to be included in your request.

How do I update my contact list?

Just send an email here. Be aware you will need to provide your password to change your contact list. Your contact list and the order of it is very important and needs to be kept updated. In the event of an emergency, your contact list determines who we will contact for further instructions about your system.

What actions are taken when my burglar alarm goes off?

By law, we are required to call two numbers before dispatching on burglar alarms. If we do not receive a valid passcode to cancel the alarm, we will dispatch the police. We will then call the contacts on your list until we reach someone. It is important that voicemail is set up and not allowed to get full so when we call we are able to leave notifications about your alarm system. All monitoring station calls will be from (706) 323-6131; please program this number into your cell phone to easily identify our calls.

What should I expect if my fire alarm goes off?

Commercial fire alarms are dispatched on immediately before calling the site or contacts. We suggest you keep the monitoring station service number available for use should you have an accidental activation of your fire alarm as most fire departments do not cancel once dispatched. On residential fire alarms, the first of your contact numbers are called before dispatching.

I am going out of town... What should I do?

We are happy to take special/temporary instructions. If no one should be in your home while you are gone, authorities can be dispatched immediately to prevent delay. Your instructions may be emailed here or called in to (800) 323-2233 anytime, 24/7. Please be sure to provide the dates and times of your departure and return, any special instructions you might have, and the name and phone number of any temporary keyholders you may have while gone.

When do I call the Central Station?

The only time the Central Station should be called is to put the account on test, to verify tested signals, return a message, cancel a false alarm, adjust a schedule, advise you are going on vacation, and a temporary call list change.  You can reach us anytime at (800) 323-2233 anytime.

What if I forget my password?

Unfortunately, the central station cannot be of much help in this matter. In worst case scenario, we may be able to “verify by other means.” This is when our customer care team will review your account through a series of questions and work with you to verify the account.

What is an account number?

An account number is used to obtain any information on an account. It this the identifier for you system.

What is a AC Loss?

An AC Loss typically is received when utility power is no longer supplying power to the panel. Some panels can monitor circuits other than the one supplying it’s power and report the loss of power for those circuits. Since the specific meaning can vary.

What is a cancel code?

A cancel code holds actually two meanings. From the dealer’s point of view, a cancel code means, “the code that is entered into alarm the panel to turn the system on/off or to silence the alarm panel after activation. From the Central Stations point of view, a cancel code can mean the same as a Valid ID, Password or Passcode. When calling back to the premises after an alarm activation, the operator will ask the subscriber for an “Alarm Cancellation Code.” Or Passcode.

What happens if I don't put an account on test when I am working on the system?

If an account is not placed on test. The central station will handle all incoming alarms from that account normally. That means if you did not call in to the Central in “advance” and place your account on test. They will dispatch on whatever signal comes in. It is very important to call (800) 323-2233 in advance when testing.

What is a runaway system?

A runway is when an alarm system transmits twenty or more signals from the same zone within one hour time period. A system in a runaway has the potential of tying up the receiver lines, operators and delaying or blocking a subscriber’s signal that is having a real emergency from coming into the central station. It is extremely important when the central station notifies you of a runaway system, that you make every effort to shut the system down until service can be provided.

When notifying the call lists, do operators stop when they have reached an answering machine?

If an operator reaches an answering machine, they will leave a message. Once a message is left, they will continue down the call list trying to make contact.


Do I need to be at home for my installation?

An adult, decision-making member of your family must be present to have the security system installed. We will walk through your home together to determine the best set up for your family, household and routines.

How do I know the technician knocking is a verified and trustworthy A-COM employee?

We are very proud of our employees. We do not rely on contractors to complete our jobs. We employ our own locally-based technicians and installers. Each has been vigorously vetted and trained with the highest accreditations. Feel comforted knowing when a salesman or technician comes to your door that you can always check for a professionally dressed technician with a verified A-COM badge and a collared shirt. If you have any questions or worries, please give us a call at (800) 322-2233 confirm the man at your door. If it is not, we will alert the authorities for you. You can be sure you are getting the most highly trained experts in the industry.

Does my alarm still work when the power goes out?

Our security systems have a backup battery that should power your security system for several hours in case power fails.

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Acom has provided my family with security in a professional and courteous manner since 1988. I have had few calls for service or assistance during this span, but when I've needed help they've always exceeded expectations with expert service, easily understood phone assistance, the latest technology and equipment, and patient IT guidance. When my friends ask what security service I recommend, I always tell them to call Acom.

Ang S.