Acom Integrated Solutions Announces New Brand

Acom to focus on new integrated service lines

A-Com Protection Services, Inc. announced its new trade name and logo today in an internal launch event at its Corporate Headquarters in Columbus, Georgia. The security alarm company which started in the Southeast United States in 1973 will join with sister companies A-Com Security Company, LLLP and Brite Technologies, Inc. to operate under one trade name: Acom Integrated Solutions.

“This merger represents the future of Acom and its service lines” said Wayne Beck, Acom’s CEO and founder. “No longer will we operate separate service lines in separate footprints. Going forward, our customers will benefit from the integrated solutions that only Acom can provide through its eight locations and forty-six years of experience.”

The “One Acom” launch event was held at the newly designated Acom Corporate Headquarters where the new logo, company-wide organizational chart, and service lines were unveiled to employees. The title given the launch event–One Acom—was an important message to employees about company unity, representing the merger of three companies under one brand. This consolidation of companies means Acom Integrated Solutions now offers over twenty services in the Security, Fire, Voice, and Network categories.

The merger was designed to help support the growing need for efficiency and operation excellence in today’s security, life safety, and communication environments” said Jeff Beck, a Division President for Acom. “Our extensive range of products and services demonstrates our ability to provide solutions to the many challenges faces by today’s business and home owners.”

Acom has long served the community with burglar alarm systems and a company-owned Five Diamond monitoring station. In 1983 they added telephone services which migrated to VOIP phone systems in the 2000s. Also in the 2000s, Acom developed industry-leading fire protection systems. Their newest offering, complete network and computer services, was added in 2014. Andy Rice, a Division President for Acom, leads the company’s Network division. Rice explained that Acom “now offers total protection of a business, which includes security alarms, access control, video surveillance, fire protection, sound masking, and protection of computer systems from cyber-attacks. In short, we manage a client’s total security so they can manage their business.”

Under the new consolidated service lines, Acom is now uniquely positioned to customize solutions by industry. John Jeffries, who joined the company in 2014 from the security alarm sector and now serves as a Division President for Acom, explained how the new custom solutions will benefit any industry. “Our agricultural clients are concerned about temperature monitoring and safe-guarding inventory. Our medical clients are worried about network security and HIPAA compliance. Our governmental clients prioritize access control and uniform deployment of software. Our retail clients are needing video surveillance and security systems. Now we have custom solutions to fit all these unique industry needs and more. We are a one-stop-shop.”

With the new trade name, Acom also unveiled a new color scheme and logo. “You’ll be seeing the Acom Blue and Yellow everywhere” said Sam Phillips, the Director of Marketing for Acom who was brought on to shepherd the brand launch. “Our customers will be hearing about our new company and new solutions, and we will be out in our communities talking about how Acom can make businesses and homes more secure.” Acom has a new website in production, as well as launches or re-launches of social media sites. A community launch event at the Corporate Headquarters for representatives of Chambers of Commerce, charitable organizations, and other dignitaries, will take place later in the year.

Combining three companies under one trade name makes Acom Integrated Solutions one of the largest employers in Columbus. Acom was rated by Zippia as one of the best places to work in Columbus in 2018. Acom is the one of the largest security system providers in the Southeast United States, and has been featured in SDM’s Top 100 Security Companies for over two decades.

Said Wayne Beck at the brand launch event, “Acom is excited to serve the low voltage market with state-of-the-art solutions, best in class customer service, and a mission of customer satisfaction above all else.”


Acom Integrated Solutions is a leading provider of Security, Fire, Voice, and Network services in the United States. Acom offers over twenty low voltage service lines, with its monitored burglar alarms, fire systems, and proprietary cyber security software protecting over 45,000 commercial and residential customers.

Acom Integrated Solutions is the trade name for consolidated services lines from A-Com Protection Services, Inc, A-Com Security Company, LLLP, and Brite Technologies, Inc, all of which are privately held companies headquartered in Columbus, GA.

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