Feel Secure in Your Access-Controlled Business

No matter the size of your business, we will design and implement a solution that is right for you. Streamline your business with an access-controlled system and keep your company safe, secure, and protected at all times. Control and secure unauthorized access points and secure vital information with a swipe of a card, key fob, or click of a button.

Control Employee Access

Traditional locks provide a limited level of security and flexibility. Managed access control takes your facility to the next level of security and control. Through your managed access control system, you can give or revoke permissions with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to rekey doors when an employee or vendor is changed.

In addition to flexibility, electronic access control provides an audit trail of which and when areas were accessed.

Access control systems work by assigning levels of permission to a fob, keycard, or button based on a schedule you set. Any exterior or interior door can be converted to an access control door and controlled by a centralized system. Employee or vendor permissions can be fully customized.

Safeguard Your Facilities

Office 16


Set various schedules designed to grant or limit access to certain days of the week or times of the day


Limit Access

Determine who needs access to restricted areas and keep nonessential personnel out.



Choose between fobs, cards, biometric readers, or cell phones as a mode of gaining entry.

Customize your system settings

  • Activity reports for employee access verification.

  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance.

  • Automatic door unlocks during fire alarms.

  • Maintain employee profiles in database.

  • Multiple door access capability.

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The help desk has always been able to resolve my many issues in a timely manner and never make me feel lacking in IT knowledge. The security team and Hollie has helped tremendously with me understanding the security system and has offered training once I'm a little more established. Thanks for making my many hats I wear possible.

Patsy at Paws of Columbus